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SAP TRM Training in Chennai

Course Duration

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About SAP Treasury and Risk Management (SAP TRM)

  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management is a series of solutions that are geared towards analyzing and optimizing business processes in the finance area of a company.

  • Course Contents

    Enterprise Resource Planning & SAP Introduction
  • ERP Fundamentals
  • SAP Vs other ERP Packages
  • System Landscape
  • ASAP Methodolgy
  • SAP R/# Architecture, Versions
  • Initial Setup & Transaction Manager Fundamentals
  • Set up Company, Company Code, GL Account Creation
  • Create Customer Master Data & Business Partners
  • Overview of Transactional Manager General Setiings
  • Conceptual & Implementation of Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Commodities, Derivatives and Securities
  • Overview of Traders
  • Overview of Factory Calender & Assignment
  • Overview of Accounting Codes & Valuation areas, Define & Assign
  • Overview of Patallel Valuation Areas & Initiating Procedure
  • Overview of Valuation Classes, Define & Assigning
  • Overview of Account Determination, Define Assigning
  • Working Knowledge of Money Market
  • Overview of Product Types & Defining Procedure
  • Overview of Number range for Transaction Types & Definining Procedure
  • Overflow of Flow Types & Defining Procedure
  • Process of Assigning Flow Type to Transaction Type
  • Overview of Calculation procedure of derived flows & defining Procedure
  • Overview of Derivation Procedures and Rules & Defining Procedure
  • Overview of Update Types and Assign Usages & Defining Procdure
  • Process OF Assigning Flow Types to Update Types
  • Overview of Correspondence Activities & Defining Procedure
  • Process of Assigning General Valuation Class
  • Working Knowledge of Securities
  • Overview of Currency Units & Defining Procedure
  • Overview of Number Range for Security Classes & Defining Procedure
  • Overview of Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type & Defining Procedure
  • Assign Flow Type of Transaction Type
  • Overview of Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows & Defining Procedure
  • Overview of Derivation Procedure and Rules & Defiing Procedure
  • Working Knowledge of Managing Market Data
  • Work on Entries : Currency Exchange, Reference Interest Rate
  • Overview of Securities and Indexes
  • Overview of commodities spot prices & Mapping in the system
  • Overview of Credit Related Entries for Transactions, Securites & Loans
  • Work on Volatilities : Interest, Securities, Exchange
  • Manage Risk with credit Risk Analyzer
  • Overview of Global Settings
  • Overview of Collateral Priority & Defining Procedure
  • Overview of Collateral Types & Defining Procedure
  • Integration Activate/Deactivate : Financial Objects
  • Overview of Default Risk Control Parameters & Deriving Procedure
  • Activation of Risk Limit Check : Integrated Default Risk Limit Overview & Check Procedure
  • Manage Market Risk With AnalyZer
  • General Settings for Market Risk Analyzer
  • Overview of Maturity Band & Defining Procedure
  • Overview of Cash Flow Indicators & Cash Flow Types & Defining Procedure
  • Conceptual of Value at Risk
  • Importance Figures & Overview of Evaluation Procedures
  • Overview of Simulation
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