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SAP QM Training in Chennai

Course Duration

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About SAP Quality Management (SAP QM)

  • The Quality Management training sessions deliver mastery level instruction for project team members and more advanced SAP users.
  • Each QM course includes basic instruction, advanced tips, live discussion, demonstration, and hands-on exercises.
  • Our instructors provide training that is customized to meet the requirements of your individual project and organization.

  • Course Contents

  • Overview of Quality Management
  • Features and Benefits of SAP QM
  • Main Functions of QM Functional Consultant
  • What Are The Quality Management Process
  • Integration Point of SD QM
  • Process Flow Of LIMS Integration With SAP
  • Integration Of QM With PP-PI and Others
  • Check List For Simple SAP QM Configuration
  • QM In Logistics
  • Quality Management Tables/Tcode
  • Important QM Tables
  • List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 1
  • List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 2
  • QM Stepwise Transaction For In-Process
  • Material Specification QS61
  • Reports
  • List of All The Standard QM Reports
  • Quality Inspection Report List
  • Questions
  • Organization and Master Data
  • Procurement and Purchasing QM Questionnaire
  • Quality Inspection in MM - QM Questionnaire
  • QM in Logistics
  • Introducing QM in Procurement
  • Control Key for Quality Management in Procurement
  • Define Keys for Certificate Processing
  • Define Delivery Block
  • Block Part In QM Batch Management
  • Define Document Types
  • Define QM Systems
  • Define Status of Supply Relationships
  • Solution for wrong confirmation and wrong usage decision(UD)
  • Calibration of test equipment
  • Vendor Blocked for Quality Reasons
  • Batch Management - Batch Classfication Configuration
  • QM Workflow For Material Setup
  • How To Use The QM Formula Functionality
  • SAP QM Linked With PM
  • Prompting For QM Procurement Key
  • Plant Dependent QM Settings
  • Sampling
  • Sampling Scheme and Sampling Procedure
  • How Sample Size is Calculated Based on Sampling Scheme
  • Sampling Procedure & Sample Drawing Procedure
  • Understanding Sample Drawing Procedure
  • Task List Sampling Procedure Drop Down List
  • QM in Production
  • Introducing QM in Production
  • Maintaining the Material Master Data
  • QM view in material master
  • QM ABAP Reports
  • Upload Code Groups Using QS41
  • Creating Inspection Point BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS
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