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SAP CO Training in Chennai

Course Duration

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About SAP Controling (SAP CO)

  • The demand for acquiring skilled professionals in various functions is driving companies across the world to optimize their finance process first.
  • Most of the successful organizations use SAP ERP software to achieve this. SAP CO module equips you with knowledge on how to effectively automate the management accounting processes Overview of mySAP Business Suite.
  • Each course includes basic level instruction, advanced tips, demonstration, and test yourself exercises.
  • Trainers provide training that is customized to meet the requirements of your individual project and organization.

  • Course Contents

    Introduction to Controlling
    General Controlling
  • Maintain controlling area
  • Activate components for controlling area
  • Assignment of company code to controlling area
  • Maintain number ranges for controlling area documents
  • Maintain versions and setting for fiscal year
  • Cost Element Accounting
  • Introduction to Cost Element Accounting
  • Primary and Secondary Cost Elements
  • Define Cost Element Categories
  • Manual & Automatic Creation of Primary and Secondary Cost Elements
  • Define Cost Element Standard Hierarchy and  Groups
  • Cost Centre Accounting
  • Introduction to cost centers
  • Define Standard hierarchy for cost centers
  • Define cost center categories
  • Master data maintenance
  • Cost centre groups
  • Set planner profile for cost centre
  • Create activity types
  • Maintain statistical key figures
  • Post transaction to cost centers
  • Generate cost center reports
  • Plan values and quantities for activity prices
  • Calculate activity prices
  • Periodical reposting of cost
  • Create and execute assessment cycle
  • Create and execute distribution cycles
  • Activity allocations
  • Settings for automatic posting
  • Internal Orders
  • Introduction to Internal order
  • Activate order management in controlling area
  • Maintain budget and planning profiles
  • Planning
  • Define order types
  • True orders and statistical orders
  • Settlements
  • Display internal order report
  • Profit Centre Accounting
  • Introduction to Profit centre accounting
  • Maintain Standard Hierarchy
  • Create Dummy Profit Centre
  • Maintain Profit Centre Groups
  • Creation of Profit Centre
  • Assignment of Profit Centers in cost Center Master Data
  • Maintain Automatic Account Assignments for Revenue Elements
  • ProfitCenter for Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss
  • Planning And Postings
  • DisplayProfitCenter Reports
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Introduction to profitability analysis
  • Maintain operating concern
  • Define profitability segment
  • Maintain characteristics values
  • Define derivation rules
  • Setting for data flow from SD
  • Setting for data flow from FI and MM
  • Display reports in COPA
  • Mapping of SD/MM Conditions to CO-PA value fields
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