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BlockChain Training in Chennai

Course Duration

40 Hours
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About BlockChain

  • Our instructor-led training will help you master & learn blockchain technology, the driving force behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. You will learn the various aspects of structure, mechanism, advantages of blockchain technology, designing of a blockchain network, deploying it for real world applications and more in this blockchain certification training.
  • Course Contents

      Introduction to Blockchain
    • What is Blockchain?
    • History of Blockchain
    • Problems in existing centralized system
    • Explaining Distributed Ledger
    • Blockchain ecosystem
    • Explaining Distributed Ledger
    • Types of Blockchain
    • Public/Private/Consortium
    • Public/Permissioned implementation difference
    • What Blockchain has to offer across Industry?
    • Companies currently using Blockchain
    • Key Concepts in Blockchain
    • Hashing, Digital Signature
    • Digital Signature Signing & Verification
    • Mining
    • Merkle tree and Blockchain
    • Consensus Mechanisms- proof of work, proof of stake
    • How Bitcoin Blockchain works?
    • What is Transaction?
    • Blockchain Browser
    • Introduction to Ethereum
    • Ethereum : Blockchain with smart contract
    • What is Smart Contract?
    • What is Ether?
    • Bitcoin vs Ethereum Blockchain
    • What is Ethereum wallet?
    • Solidity
    • Introduction to solidity
    • Hands on solidity
    • Understand and implement different use cases
    • Implement and deploy smart contract on Blockchain
    • Implement Dapp.
    • Introduction
    • o Remix o Metamask
    • Create your coin
    • Implement and deploy your first Dapp in testnet
    • Development Framework
    • o Truffle o Ganache
    • IDE – Atom
    • Different use cases for implementation of Dapp
    • Investment Strategy & Portfolio Managements
    • How to Invest in cryptocurrencies?
    • HODL / Trade ?
    • Legality of cryptocurrencies in India and worldwide
    • What is Hard Fork ?
    • Discussion on - Top 10 coins in
    • Investment options in promising Altcoin
    • Tax implications
    • Portfolio Management App
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