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VB Script Training in Chennai

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About VB Script

Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition, the newest member of the Visual Basic family of programming languages, brings active scripting to a wide variety of environments, including Web client scripting in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Web server scripting in Microsoft Internet Information Server. If you already know Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications, VBScript will be very familiar. Even if you don’t know Visual Basic, once you learn VBScript, you’re on your way to programming with the whole family of Visual Basic languages. Although you can learn about VBScript in just these few Web pages, they don’t teach you how to program.

Course Contents

VB Script
    VB Script Fundamentals & Features
  • Scripting Languages vs Programming Languages
  • Basic Features of VBScript
  • Hosting Environments & Script Engines
  • Crating & Running a Script
  • Data Types, Variables
  • VBScript data types
  • Declaring Variables and Option Explicit Statement
  • Assigning Values to Variables
  • Scalar Variables and Array Variables
  • Dynamic Arrays, Dimensional Arrays
  • VBScript Statements- VBScript Functions VBScript Objects
  • Err Objects with Methods and Properties
  • Match Object with Methods and Properties
  • Regular Expression Object with Methods and Properties
  • Descriptive Programming
  • Advantages of Descriptive Programming
  • Static Programming
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Creating Library files using Constants /Collection objects
  • Handling Dynamic Objects
  • Handling duplicate Objects
  • Retrieving Child Objects
  • Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expression Characters
  • When to use Regular Expressions in QTP
  • Testing a Regular Expression Using Code
  • Using a Regular Expression to Identify a Dynamic Object 
  • Replacing Data from a String Using a Regular Expression
  • Handling Dynamic Objects
  • Using Regular Expressions in Checkpoints
  • Defining Regular Expressions
  • Search Operations
  • Regular expressions in Recovery scenarios
  • Regular Expression Object
  • Dictionary Objects
  • What is Dictionary Object and what is the need of Dictionary Object
  • How to create and use Dictionary object
  • What are the properties and methods of Dictionary Object with real-time scenarios and examples
  • Difference between Dictionary object and an Array.
  • Library Files
  • Associating a Library globally with a Test
  • Dynamically Loading libraries locally at run-time
  • Dynamically Loading libraries globally at run-time
  • Understanding Execution Scope
  • Applicability of Option Explicit
  • Executing code in Local scope from within Global Scope
  • User Defined Functions
  • Types of Procedures
  • Internal & External Functions
  • Creating Library files
  • Creating Sub Procedures
  • Creating Function Procedures
  • Associating Library files
  • Loading Function Libraries run-time
  • Generic Functions
  • Project Specific Functions
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