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Silverlight Training in Chennai

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About Silverlight

Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for running .NET applications on Windows and Mac using Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox browsers. This course provides an introduction to Silverlight and also a foundational knowledge of XAML, styles, resources, controls, layout, data binding, animations and transformations. Because they are so similar, much of this material applies equally to both Silverlight and WPF. This course covers using JavaScript to access Silverlight applications from the browser and integrating Silverlight applications into existing Web sites.

Course Contents

  • Presentation core
  • Hosting
  • Frame Work
  • Uses
  • Limitation
  • Features
  • HTML Integration
  • XAML
  • Vectorial graphics
  • Videos
  • User Interface
  • Graphic Elements
  • Animation
  • Double Animation
  • Color Animation
  • Point Animation
  • Debugging and Testing
  • General tips for writing tests
  • Accessing Data
  • DataGrid
  • Modes in Silverlight
  • Full-screen mode
  • Embedded mode
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You will Learn How To :

  • Design and Create Web Pages.
  • Invoke animation in your Forms.
  • Implement 2D and 3D Graphics.
  • Add audio and video effects to the Web Pages.

  • Course Benefits :

    On completion of Silverlight it will lead to the job role as follows:
  • Web Application Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Programmer
  • Senior Web Application Developer
  • Senior Application Developer
  • Senior Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Flash Developer
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