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Oracle Golden Gate Training in Chennai

Course Duration

40 Hours
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About Oracle Golden Gate

  • Oracle Golden Gate enables the exchange of data at the transanction level among multiple platforms across the enterprise.
  • It moves committed transactions with transaction integrity and minimal overhead on your existing infrastructure.
  • Course Contents

    Oracle Golden Gate
      GoldenGate technology overview
    • High level Oracles GoldenGate technology overview
    • The Capture process i.e. Extract process
    • Inputs and outputs to Extract process
    • Data pump and the collector processes
    • Replicate process, their inputs and outputs
    • Command line interface to GoldenGate
    • Installing and Preparing GoldenGate
    • Prerequisites
    • Software installation
    • Configuring and Preparing the environment for GoldenGate replication
    • Creating the initial configuration for GoldenGate replication
    • Uninstalling GoldenGate from Linux/UNIX
    • Oracle GoldenGate Commands
    • Running GoldenGate commands from the GGSCI prompt and Obey files
    • Running GoldenGate commands from the OS shell prompt
    • Identifying the types of GGSCI commands available
    • Sample exercise examples in the GoldenGate Lab
    • Oracle GoldenGate Design Considerations
    • Different types of Replication Methods
    • Changed data management
    • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate
    • GoldenGate Parameters
    • Configuring the Initial Load
    • Performing the Initial Load
    • Configuring Change Data Capture
    • Sample Exercise examples in the GoldenGate Lab
    • GoldenGate Configuration Options
    • Using BATCHSQL
    • Date Compression
    • GoldenGate Security features
    • DDL Replication
    • Examples, setup GoldenGate Lab and sample exercises
    • Managing Oracle GoldenGate
    • Trail file management
    • Managing process startup
    • Managing TCP/IP errors
    • Reporting and statistics
    • Troubleshooting GoldenGate environments
    • Troubleshooting tips
    • Exception handling
    • Upgrading GoldenGate
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