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Advanced Java Programming Training in Chennai

Course Duration

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About Advanced Java Programming

In this Advanced Java Programming training course, expert content provider Infinite Skills builds on the beginners Java course, and goes deeper into programming topics that help you to understand these more advanced Java concepts. Designed for the more experienced Java developer, you should have a good working knowledge of the Java programming language before going through this tutorial. By the conclusion of this training course, you will have a clear understanding of each of the topics of Advanced Java Programming, which will allow you to go more in-depth with the concepts of your choice. Working files are included to allow you to learn the concepts using the same files that the author does throughout this computer based training course.

Course Contents

Advanced Java Programming
  • Basics of Hibernate
  • Technology & Architecture
  • Mapping Techniques
  • Objects of Hibernate
  • Transactions and concurrency
  • Designing Applications using Hibernate
  • HQL
  • Fetching Strategies
  • Cache
  • Annotations
  • Hibernate and strut
  • Hibernate parameter binding
  • Hibernate Criteria
  • Hibernate native SQL queries
  • Hibernate named query
  • Hibernate handling transactions
  • Hibernate Data Filters
  • Struts
    • Introduction
    • Flow and Execution
    • Struts configuration
    • Elements
    • Object Graph Navigation Language Strut Library
    • Role of ActionInvocation and ActionContext
    • Validations
    • Internationalization
    • Struts with Database
    • Exceptions and how to handle it using struts
    • What is tiles?
    • Introduction
    • Architecture
    • Components of EJB
    • Designing a component EJB
    • Session Bean
    • Entity Bean
    • EJB Patterns
    • Repositories
    • Mappings
    • Security Roles
    • Database Fundamentals
    • Relational Databases
    • Sql an overview
    • JDBC Fundamentals
    • JDBC Drivers
    • SQL and Java
    • Advanced JDBC4
    • JDBC Classes
    • Database connection
    • JDBC design patterns
    • Basics of Springs
    • Architecture
    • IOC
    • AOP
    • Implementation of AOP in spring
    • Template Design Pattern
    • Abstract Data Access Layer
    • Spring MVC
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You will Learn How To :

On completion of this course You will know
  • Java oops concepts
  • Assigning object Reference variables introducing methods
  • Member accessibility modifiers
  • working with interfaces
  • Exception Handling in java
  • Working with AWT
  • Using AWT controls, Layout Managers and Menus control Fundamental Events
  • Web based development using Java Applets
  • Web based development using Swings
  • Object Graph Navigation Language
  • Exceptions and how to handle it using struts
  • Designing a component EJB
  • Relational Databases Management System
  • Implementation of AOP in spring
  • Template Design Pattern
  • Abstract Data Access Layer

  • Course Benefits :

    On completion of Advanced Java Programming it will lead to the job role as follows:
  • Software Developer
  • Software Programmer
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Senior Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
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