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Benefits of Software Testing

Software testing industry is one of the booming sectors of IT at the moment due to a rapid increase in software development, mobile applications and other growth in other areas of IT. Software testing career is easy to get into as compared to other branches of IT, as long as you have the required knowledge and competency. The market is wide and requirement of software testers is never ending.

The facts which are mentioned below about software testers may persuade an IT job seeker to pay keen attention to this career.

  • Candidates looking for a job in software testing are not required to have a degree. However it is beneficial to have one
  • The starting salary at an entry level could range anything between £20k -28k per annum
  • The job security and proper career growth is there in this field
  • Software testers play an important role between the business and development teams
  • QA analysts do a lot more than just testing the software, they create, refine and document testing procedures used for developing test automation and training manuals